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$5 eCPM Epic Game Ads


For the next few days, we will give you 300 free unique visitors to your web site, if you place the banner in a good spot, sites that do not place the banner above the fold, will get 100 free unique visitors. We will add your free credits to your account just after your site has been approved.
( This offer is valid today!  ).

NEWS: We have setup a forum from where you can get support , buy credits , sell credits. click here!.

NEWS: Target by hours, you are now able to set how many visitors you want us to sent to your website each hour. So when you use your credits you will no longer get all the traffic in the first hour, but are able to spread the traffic out over the day.

What is Player Traffic?
Player Traffic is a 100x100 banner exchange network for games and entertainment sites. It allows you to show banners for your own site on other websites in return for showing banners to other websites on your own site. The result: More visibility and more traffic to your site.

Multiple banner ad support
Have multiple ads for your site.

Bank system
Allow you to deposit / withdraw your credits and transfer credits to another member. This is very useful if you want to sell your credits or just want to save up credits for a large campaign.

3:2 click ratio
For every three clicks on the ad on your site, we'll show
your ad on other sites until it gets two clicks.

Only unique traffic
A surfer can click on your ad and visit your site 100 times but we will only take 1 credit from your account.

Stringent quality control
We manually review every banner ad shown on the Playertraffic network, so you won't get any inappropriate content.

Effective cheater detection
Automatic and manual checks virtually eliminate
cheating on the Playertraffic network.

Self targeting
Receive only genuinely interested, highly targeted
visitors to your site.

Detailed Member Services Area
Comprehensive statistics and analysis, easy access
to technical support and many other features.


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